1.Switch type
Type ZY-02 ZY-05 ZY-10 ZY-20 ZY-40 ZY-50 ZY-60 ZY-100 ZY-200
Electric Motor 10W/F 10W/F 23W/F 40W/F 80W/F 90W/F 90W/F 100W/F 100W/F
Output torque 20N*M 50N*M 100N*M 200N*M 400N*M 500N*M 600N*M 1000N*M 2000N*M
Time of of motion 5S 20-30S 30S 30-60S 30S 30S 60S 50S 100S
Weight of body 2.2kg 2.2kg 4.3kg 7.5kg 7.8kg 7.9kg 8.0kg 11.0kg 11.3kg
Rotary Angle 0-90?
Waterproof ness IP-67
Limit Electrical machinery
Protection Overheating protection
Manual Operation Fringe handle
Pressure Categories 1500VAC 1 minute
Insulation resistance 100M/500V DC
Install angle Install with optional angle
Temperature of conditions -30???+60?
Electric interface G1/2 waterproof cable connectors
Output signal 4-20mADC ( Electronic Type)
Power AC110V?AC220V?AC380V?DC24V?DC12V?DC220V?DC36V
Output signal 0-10mADC?4-20mDC?1-5VDC( Electronic Type)
Optional function 1?Protection of torque 2?Rising damp heaters 3?Stainless steel 4?Special power and functions

The technical data subject to amend without notice