Technical Summarize
ZY series motorized valve actuator on the implementation of its innovative And unique design, advanced technology and superb craftsmanship, quality import parts,Scientific stringent quality testing, and in the manufacture of valves Unique automation. ZY series motorized valve actuator set accuracy, digital,Intelligent to a new stage. Become fluid automation control industry up-and-coming talent.
ZY series motorized valve actuator have are switch type, feedback type, and adjust type three categories,Nearly 100 models. They could match with various ball valves butterfly valves and rotary valves;Output torque from 50Nm-2000Nm; power AC220V, AC380V, or DC24V Are permitted; on/off time from 5 to 100 seconds. Meanwhile they have a good deal Advantages: less volume, more light weight (one third compare with other products), exquisite figure,Tight construction, easy assembly, intellect control, digital setting,Disuse preserve, secure and convenient.
1.Powerful function: Intellectual type rate open-close type
2.Small size: Only 35% of other products
3.Light weight: Only 30% of other products
4.Reliable: bearings and electric components used are made by famous maker In the international market
5.Good looking: abs howdy and cover, fine and smooth
6.High strength: worm wheel and output shaft is made of pedal alloy
7.No backlash: wormhole and out pushed be come on pieces
8.Safety: ac1500V test, pedal made cord lock
9.Simple: one phase power supply wiring is very simple
10.Convenience: no oil filling no maintenance waterproof. Any angle setting
11.Protect: double stroke limit protect from overheat and overload
12.Three speeds: you can choose stroke time 5 10 15 30 60 sec
13.Antirust: yoke coupling screw made of stainless steel
14.Inner 1 actual control: digital sensing display, high precision
15.Build in type: control pack in body, you need not outer control: unit
Technical Summarize of Parts Of ZY series valve electric actuatoe
1.Electric motors: As valves feature working for the implementing agencies in the open valves, arbitrary arrests and intermediate location have started full load capacity requires executing agencies with high electrical activation moment. Moreover, due to the flow (the degree) to regulate, there must be a smaller also called electrical rotating inertia. ZY series electric enforcement agencies against these requirements, the introduction of a special design.
2.Gear transmission institutions: heat treatment alloy steel materials used by CNC precision processing a small teeth gear wheel transmit sticks (Reject precision low-cost low, impatience fatigue and impact load powder metallurgy yellow gear). A high-intensity, long-term impact of fatigue, not because of technical environmental media pressure fluctuations caused by the entrance of the implementing agencies, such as shock absorption characteristics.
3.Export transmission agencies: As valves feature working for the implementation of long-term institutions in export axle moment, positive and negative turn conditions, and worm gear axle between traditional export keys, then sell margin reliable way to the state meet this requirement. ZY series of electrical export enforcement agencies and worm wheel axle using integrated structure, thereby completely resolving this difficult problem.
4.Cover screws not off: fabric of the built using screws installed in the fixed when unloading cover, screws connecting without teeth to prevent loss.
5.Mechanical itinerary restrictions: steel production machinery trip limit bolts and turned quickly to be precise in a regulation implementing agency perspective. To facilitate the adjustment bolts on the outside, each regulation to ensure the positioning of stainless steel nut. Termination point of the trip for the general identification of 0-90 degrees, but can also adjust into any angle.
6.Valves state show: concise opening angle valves can be clearly demonstrated, the location of valves throughout closed, the representative valves open all location-scale opening of that percentage. Through the use of special lenses to handle glass lenses, reject the resistance to ageing poor, the extreme temperature changes in the plastic deformation lenses.
7.Whole sets of sealed performance: whole sets after 2Kgf/cm undergo experiments in the 20M deeply water cannot leakage.
8.Micro-switches: high-quality micro-switches is a reliable guarantee for the normal work of the implementing agencies, such as points quality, life moves, such as the insulation performance ZY given special attention.
9.Potentiometer: locked potentiometer refined through the gears demarcation arrangements, the unique arrangements for the demarcation potentiometer more convenient. Used to eliminate loopholes and conductive plastic potentiometer functions with high accuracy, ensuring the accuracy of servo agencies regulate;
10.Digital modules: Industrial single chip machine accept 4-20mADC or 1-5VDC control signals, and the output 4-20mADC position feedback signals. To the implementing agencies 0-90 degrees corner automatic positioning demarcation, through the click of a model choice and retain attitude. 220V exchange feed, relay output, positioning accuracy 0.3%-0. 7%;
11.Simulation modules: Standard signal (4-20mADC), the switch signals (R/I converter) time scoring three controlled manner, the entire analog circuit design, high-quality imported components. 4-20mADC export drift small, high stability. Unique electronic braking function effectively eliminate electrical customary volume, positioning accuracy of 0.3% or more. Importing, exporting, photovoltaic power-segregation, anti-jamming performance excellence, silicon-controlled rectifier output, time moves faster, frequency up to 1200 times/

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