Hydro ejector (vacuum pump)
Hydro ejector (vacuum pump)
  1. Efficiency of evaporated water 100 - 3000 (L/h)
  2. Vacuum 0.091 - 0.097 (MPa)
  3. Flow Rate (Q) 18 - 108 (m3/h)
  4. Lift Head (H) 45 - 50 (m)
  5. The height of an installed Series W hydro ejectors (vacuum pumps) is over 4.5 meters. There was no leakage detected when the water pressure of the apparatus reached 0.6 mPa.
Features and Applications
The Series W hydro ejectors (vacuum pumps) integrate the vacuum generation, condensation and drainage ability into a single product by utilizing advanced technologies such as multi-nozzles, steam ring and guide device. The vacuum pumps are widely used in vacuum and vaporization equipment to provide vacuum generation, vaporization, vacuum filtering, crystallization, drying or deodorization. The product is the commonly used equipment in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food, dairy, sugar/salt making and military industries.

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