In-line canned motor pumps
In-line canned motor pumps
  1. Outlet Diameter 40 - 300
  2. Flow Rate (Q) 3.7 - 1,203 (m3/h)
  3. Lift Head (H) 8 - 128 (m)
  4. Power Consumption 0.37 - 160 (kw)
Features and Applications
The Series PBG in-line canned motor pumps integrate the pump body with the motor and are featured by small size, compact structure, reliable operation and less requirements for maintenance. The Series PBG in-line canned motor pumps for clear water are used for transporting water or water-like liquids. They widely used for various applications such as industrial and municipal water supply and drainage, high-pressure water supply of high buildings, farm and garden irrigation, fire fighting services, long distance water transfer, cooling and heating circulation systems, and especially for the applications with high requirements for low vibration noise. The Series PBG hot water in-line canned motor pumps are mainly used for transporting particle-free hot water at temperature below 160°C such as the force hot water circulation systems in the energy, metallurgical, chemical and textile industries and in commercial buildings. The Series PGB anti-corrosive in-line canned motor pumps can convey particle-free, corrosive liquids with the viscosity similar to water in the petroleum, chemical, metallurgical, electric power, paper and pulp, food, pharmaceutical and synthetic fibers industries.

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