Pump control panels
Pump control panels
  1. Power Consumption 0.75 - 11 kw 15 - 200 kw
  2. Voltage 380 V 380 V
  3. Starting Mode Derect starting Self-coupling reduced voltage starting
Features and Applications
The Series QZD / JJI pump control panels are electric control systems supplied with our pump products. The functionality includes to provide motor protection from electric hazards such as electric leakage, overheating, overloading, phase failure, short circuits, and to perform operations such as automatic start, switching, stop and fluid level control with floating ball type switch. The Series QZD / JJI pump control panels have several models to select: Model One for One (one single panel is operating); Model One for Two (one panel is operating with other reserved for emergence), Model One for Three (two panels are working with one reserved for emergence). Enine does also provide customized products based on clients' specific requirements.

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