Horizontal multi-stage centrifugal pumps
DL Vertical, multi-stage centrifugal pumps
  1. Outlet Diameter:50 - 150
  2. Stage :2 - 9
  3. Flow Rate (Q):18 - 155 (m3/h)
  4. Total Lift Head (H):18 - 270 (m)
  5. Power Consumption:2.2 - 180 (kw)
Features and Applications
The Series TSWA pupms are horizontal multi-stage centrifugal pump. The features include high efficiency, low noise, anti-cavitation and energy-saving. They are used to conveying clean water or similar liquids at temperature below 80C. The pumps are suitable for water supply of high buildings, as well as for cooling systems of air-conditioning in hotels, superstores and other commercial or entertainment facilities.

The technical data subject to amend without notice